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Paver/Stone Restoration -- You'll be delighted in the details!

Pavers Need to be brought back to life?
Do you remember what your pavers looked like when they were new? Here in SWFL it doesn’t take long for them to take a turn for the worse. With the amount of rain and humidity we have in the air, pavers tend to turn black and can even become slick. A good cleaning as shown in the pictures above can really make a HUGE difference. We first oxidize all the mold then use a surface cleaner to remove all dirt/mold from the surface, then we rinse it away.

Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Cape Coral
sealing of driveways, pavers, stones, walkways in cape Coral Florida
Paver Sealing, Lanai Sealing, Stone Sealing in Cape Coral, FL

Have old unsightly sealant on your pavers now?
There are a few different signs that your sealant has gone bad. The most obvious is when it starts to look bleached out or chalky. It can also go the opposite and darken up and lose its luster. Bad sealant is just as unsightly as mold/dirt. It keeps your pavers/stones from showing their beauty. As shown above removing old sealant also makes a HUGE difference. Bringing the pavers back to their original look, and getting them ready to be sealed.

Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Bonita Springs, FL
Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Estero, FL
Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Naples, FL

Beauty Restored
When it comes to sealers there are a couple different ways you can go. Our most popular one is a color enhancer. This will bring out the marbleization in the pavers/stones. It will also give it a wet look. This look does not make the floor slippery, on the contrary it has more grip than most natural stone have coming from the manufacturer. If slipping is what you are worried about we can add a fine grit to the sealant making it extra slip proof. We also have options that keep it looking exactly how it is, and ones that provide a nice gloss finish.

Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Sandoval, cape coral
Travertine Tile and Pavers with protective sealing in cape coral, fl
Sealing Driveways | Pavers | Stone | Travertine in Punta Gorda, FL
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